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this random feeling suddenly appears again in my mind. i don't know why i cannot stop thinking of her. well i shouldn't doin this, i shouldn't think of her again and again. and i shouldn't love her..........
that suggestions can make me better again, but suddenly they don't work again when the feeling of heartless is come again. i ve tried my best to forget her, forget all the things on the past but i can't.
She has a boyfriend now, and it means that I have to kick this feeling out! maybe this is the impact that i get because i never said this feeling to her. but it's okay, being bestfriend is better for now.

I would rather be your best friend forever though it's hurt than being your ex in the next

thanks for coming to jogja. thanks for coming again in my life. thanks for a great experience in full day with you. thanks for being my special yesterday. thanks for making my heart beats so hard when you are next to me. have a nice journey. i dont know when we will meet again. but i just expect that you will come back to jogja again