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in this post i am gonna tell you about my special 19th day, yeaaah that's my birthday! actually it's been about 2 weeks after that special day, because my birthday was on march 30th. too late to post maybe, because i am too busy with my Fucking activities and deadlines, but i don't care haha.
There were so many unforgettable things on that day. Many wishes, many hopes, many revolution and of course many surprises.
On 29th of march night about  11.45 PM. My blackberry led can't stop to show its red. many mentions of twitter,BBM, and SMS made my phone soooo touchable hahaha, i always wanted to check it and read all the birthday greetings from my friends. Thanks guys for remembering my birthday. you all guys sooo sweet hehe.

Then dadadadadada the special day came. MARCH 30th 2012. Happy 19th birthday to me!
yay i felt nothing in that day especially when i went to campus because i just thought that yah i'm the college student. no more surprises. no more flour,egg, dirty water  and just flat, I just wanted to pass that day as usual.
something bad came when i wanted to go back to home, my friend caught me and then............ grrrrr my hair was dyed by grey glitter, then my Blackberry was hacked, and my motorcycle was dressed into a beautiful one and full of balloon and "sweet quotes" -_-.
But thanks yow rizal,aan,julius,amel,muti,rias,dayu,nisa, uci!

Some sweet quotes from them and i put it on my wall

And another surprise from IFSA LC UGM folks on the last day of march, Thanks guys for that special day, we spent the last day of march together until 02.00 AM hahaha

hmm, but anyway until right now, i still don't get any birthday greeting from someone special . I don't know maybe she forget about my birthday because yaaaa we are not as close as in the past and she also has been found her one. I thought she will be the one who greet me as happened in march 30th 2011, but maybe i just expected too much hahaha :| . But the hurt moment in that special day was, she had sent me a text but not for birthday greeting, she just said "kamu jahat". I don't know what is it for and what the meaning from that message. it ain't about the birthday greeting, but something makes me wonder until right now is, why she sent me that massage?

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